The duplicated space


Labyrinthine corridors lined with offices. Points of light, reflected and refracted, once, again, and yet again, by innumerable panes of glass. “The duplicated space” presents a series of photographs of the interior of a space that is not immediately recognisable. The action of the light lends a diffuse atmosphere to the space, an almost dream-like feeling intentionally captured in the photographs: several points of view, perspectives and reflections are organised in sequence, creating a narrative of spatial happenings during which the environment is revealed before the observer, first as if in slow motion and then in a rapid implosive movement that leads to the loss of all objective reference.

“The duplicated space”, distances itself from the objective representation of the content of the photograph, not easily finding a balance between the reality of the images and the actual reality. The images deliberately deconstruct their subject. A concrete space is transformed into a spatial abstraction and, eventually, into a pure abstraction.

The recreation of the space in “The duplicated space” is, in this way, more in the realm of the psychological, since more than merely mapping, it suggests a sensorial experience. The recording of the space departs from the exploration of the possibility of its material disintegration – only possible through photographic sequence and not, in reality, taking place – to allow only the flow of an interior panorama.

The work contains 730 images and a artist book.

Inkjet print on paper Fine Art . Different dimensions . Edition: 6+1AP

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